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Scenic view of our duck pond. A pleasant reminder of the love and care that we provide at Highland.


To provide Quality Care while maintaining the most Homelike Atmosphere possible; treating each resident with Dignity and Individuality; encouraging as much Independence as possible; keeping residents Socially Involved and Stimulated; Protecting Residents' Rights.

Highland provides you and your loved ones with the finest in physical therapy and rehabilitative care. Our certified specialists are the best in their field at providing all manner of rehabilitative care, exercises, and occupational therapies to maximize quality of life.

From acute care, to our care, to home... Highland provides subacute care and rehab therapies to ease the transition on your journey home. At Highland we go the extra step to help residents feel comfortable for those requiring long term stays.

Visit Highland today, or contact us to learn more about our care and services.

We Offer

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Healthcare Services
Speech Therapy
Long-Term Care
...and more!

Highland is proud to accept Medicare and Medicaid and most major insurance.